[풀버전] ♬ 기도 (I'll Be Your Man) (Stray Kids Ver.) - 스트레이 키즈(Stray Kids)

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    [풀버전] ♬ 기도 (I'll Be Your Man) (Stray Kids Ver.) - 스트레이 키즈(Stray Kids)
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    1. Juana Castillo

      Es tan emocionante de Principio a fin que al final no puedo contener mis lagrimas.

    2. Vangelia Cuz

      Mi piel de gallina no miente estuvieron a otro nivel...

    3. Thalia Ortiz

      Estupendamente magníficos, es que solo se puede apreciar arte cada presentación que hacen se superan a ellos mismos.

    4. afiqahkarim


    5. skzbits

      all skz members is an all rounder and so versatile talented af

    6. yOur behAviOur iS sO UgHh 2

      Kaç defa dinlerse dinlesin tüyleri her defasında diken diken olan bne-

      1. Eylem Ekici

        ve bne

    7. Ten Lee


    8. Mariangela Puche Manama

      Esperaré toda mi vida por la versión de estudio

    9. Mariangela Puche Manama

      Jamás te olvidaré...

    10. Vale Eaton

      Ok, pero porque estoy llorando?

    11. Hyonjeen us

      i come here everyday

    12. Erika Nuñez


    13. sunflower_j

      볼 때마다 못 보던게 보여서 계속 계속 보게 된다구...

    14. Fatima Yasser

      ما عرفوا يختاروا غير بي تو بي؟ يعني مش عارف ليش حابين يحرجوا حالهم😂

    15. R A

      I need it in music app );

    16. Ten Lee

      *I.N best rapper*

    17. esmeraldarousagogo

      I repeat this at least 10 times and every time I watch I find something new. This is so deep and touched. SKZ Great job!!!

    18. R A

      I just can say (WOW) !!!!! Stray kids keep going

    19. NyxlzWasTaken

      No one talking about I.N?, he tried his best to reach a high note but he can't, he's still our maknae king, huge respect to the maknae on top.

    20. María Sánchez

      okay im crying again STOPPPRIEO

    21. NoSanaNoLife

      To stays and non-stays thinking if this is live or not, yes it is live. Here's an mr removed if you want to hear their pure vocals: hugets.info/show/jnh5l5uqyKyKmZg/vide.html Skz is sooo bad at lipsyncing guys😂

    22. syazaumairahh


    23. Jane Jane

      SKZ literally challenged themselves. Their performance was so good and it deserves more.

    24. Nugu Seo

      Skz raper buat saya pengen bisa ngerap. Tp ya susah ㅠ.ㅠ Kayaknya pas mereka ngerap pakai feeling banget

    25. Klayne Winzel

      Oh my fucking god this is where an IG story lead me into ?! I never expected K-pop idols were so talented and just... I lost my words. This is truly a masterpiece. If you know other performance as perfect as this one, just let me know in comments please fvfdjvnkdfvf

      1. Hjnnie Boo

        i suggest you to check out other Stray Kids’ performances too..they are all good^^ hope you enjoy

      2. Edit Kiss

        All Kingdom performances are very good

    26. Berenice Toriz

      Por favor staaaaaaa háganse más cuentas en whosfan debemos hacer la diferencia en estos últimos capítulos, recuerden que el cap final no entran a votar i-stay solamente kstay, por favor, no permitan que el trabajo de los chicos no sea reconocido a un nivel mayor, y recuerden estar al tanto del str3ammmmmmm de esta y de la siguiente semana para las presentaciones en kdom

    27. chow chow

      still can't move on from this performance ㅠㅠ

    28. Candice D

      I want to be wake up every morning in my life by Han and Seungmin’s harmonizing

    29. Priscila Ruartes

      y así es como suena la perfección 🛐

    30. olom ñop


    31. Yuri Vig

      I just cried, this presentation was art

    32. Pilar Bioriza

      6.620.846M 19:13 PM (hora argentina) Vamos stay lleguemos a los 10M!!

    33. Duygu Gül

      Wth i even didnt realized his voice crack- i thought its part of the song bc its so emotional and he is screamin his feelings out

    34. Macarena

      Sigan con el str3am ! tenemos que pasar los 11M ! ! !

    35. Stfu Imaan

      I.n had a voice crack


      Appreciation comment for Chan's beautiful vocals at 3:37

    37. SaltyCashew

      4:07 can someone please tell me who hit those high notes? the brain clarity I felt at that moment was indescribable!!

      1. Calditodepollo

        @SaltyCashew Yours is also cute, I really like cats so it's very nice to see it. I'm glad you liked my pic ♡

      2. SaltyCashew

        @Calditodepollo Thanks!! Both their voices are lovely and complement each other well, confusion is understandable. Also, your profile pic is really vibrant and pretty and makes me/people happy to look at! Thank you for spreading happiness today!! 💛

      3. SaltyCashew

        @TWICE PLS STEP ON ME thank you!! I tried to watch closely as it happened but I couldn't see who was still using their mic. Sidenote, I love your name, what a mood XD


        Han hit the high note and he was harmonizing with Seungmin so we can also count him in :)

      5. Calditodepollo

        I think it's Han but I'm not so sure because he does it with seungmin

    38. Kookie Kayla

      4 the next competition, we're gonna have 2 focus a lot on voting, cuz ikonics now have blinks 4 streaming (and their no small fanbase lol). I just wanna remind u 2 create more whosfan accounts (not gonna rant cuz ik how dat sounds). St34m as much as possible, but really maximize on voting. Ik we can do it...skz and stay fighting!!!

    39. valeryth perez

      baby i just praAy

    40. seungmin's building

      I know I sound really dumb, but Jisung didn't actually cut his hand.......right?

      1. valeryth perez

        don't worry, and yes, is just color

    41. federico bonito

      nunca voy a superar esta presentación, me encantaa

    42. ely yang

      esta presentación es realmente superior

    43. moon child

      God wooooow This is awesome

    44. ohblue

      I love it!!

    45. ohblue

      Lxs televidentes van a recordar este programa como "Stray kids"

    46. Clara Elvira

      6, 615

    47. ohblue

      Son maravillosos en serio

    48. sxrx

      still the best

    49. neo fratboy technology

      bang chan got hella robbed but this still slaps... can't believe i get to see my ults perform songs by my other ults lol

    50. Libni ʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔ

      Hermoso video, bendiciones!!!


      This cover is so great that i can't stop watching it

    52. Hannaaa

      Incredible!!! Thank you for singing btob's song😢

    53. specialmeminame

      봐도 봐도 또 보고싶은 스키즈의 멋진무대 ~~♡♡

    54. bngchwn

      Stays please str34m back door we should have 3 million views today

      1. felix

        On it

    55. Mika Quiroga


    56. sophie🦋

      baby stay: so who's the main vocal? stay: IT'S COMPLICATED-

    57. Putri Mayani

      They made their own arransement for their performances 🥺 but why...

    58. Putri Mayani

      Why they cant be no. 1 with this performance :'(

    59. k i m

      un brownie a la gente que está haciendo stream a SKZ

    60. minho lee

      ayyy tan hermoso

    61. Friola Loweax

      7M!!! Lets go

    62. Ten Lee

      I'll be your STAY

    63. han the singing quokka

      i like how chsngbin is rapping n u can feel the emotions so well from him. he’s so cool dude 🥲

    64. anna zell

      i still can't move on from this performance T^T

      1. C.

        Me either.

    65. Chilen Jere Angeli Balid

      i can't get over the fact that Q (tbz) totally understood the concept of this performance huhu such and intelligent cutie

    66. Pilar Bioriza

      6.604.374M 10:50 AM (hora argentina) Vamos stay lleguemos a los 10M antes de la próxima ronda!!

    67. YouMakeStrayKidsStays Ok

      Baby, i just pray

    68. Kris

      I always thought that this is how the original song sounds but after watching the original mv, I've realized that it changed so much and SKZ made it as if it's their own song.

    69. Elle

      I cried whenever watch this performance 😭 So heartbreaking yet beautiful... I can feel their desperation and sorrow in a whole package. Even i thought IN crack voice isnt a mistake but part of their act, to show their sadness and sorrow 😭😭😭😭😭 Many stars for this performance!!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    70. NoSanaNoLife

      Thank you to all melodies loving skz's cover. You guys also treat us very well

    71. Evelyn

      7m soon

    72. Thy Nguyen

      lmfao I did this video so much 2 weeks ago and now I'm backkk

    73. نور

      سبحانك ياربي شلون هيج بيرفكت؟؟؟

    74. Hu Lan

      Omggg best!

    75. selcen demir

      I keep repeating seungmin's and felix's parts

    76. robin!

      never wanted anthhging as mcucna s uou never crossed my midn that i could ever lose i had thtis picture inmy head of all the prom ises you made but yuo turned them intodust empt handed now im lsost

    77. robin!

      제발 한번만 기회를 달라고 제발 내게 다시 돌아오라고

    78. Cinthia Maydana

      Basta es imposible superar esta maravilla

    79. Lee Olix


      1. Lee Olix

        @ᅳ ; yOu kNoW sOoBiN, yOu KnOw ¿¿?? why? Its not allow to use? Or what🙄

      2. ᅳ ; yOu kNoW sOoBiN, yOu KnOw ¿¿??


    80. lu

      ok pero mi presentación favorita

    81. наталья Лаврухина

      До сих пор когда смотрю это выступление плачу. Оно настолько эмоциональное, а голоса просто невероятные.

    82. 린

      귀에서 계속 맴도는 스키즈 버전 기도

    83. Stray Boyz

      aaa jeongin my angel you did so well ❤

    84. Rin Na


    85. K E.


    86. An •-•

      Imagine their comeback with a genre like this... just imagine...

      1. Strawberry LovesMe

        But what if it came true?

    87. nazlı

      gunluk dozumuzu alalim

    88. Wika Wikasari

      Stray kids

    89. •Purple Edits•

      Lee Knowa part vermeseydiniz ne gerek vardı.

    90. Дарья Котова


    91. Sarea Volleberg | LLN

      They did really good, I.N's voice crack sounded like it was a part of the song and i think that makes it even better!

    92. hdjshxkshxksjxksjxkjs hdsjhxkshdksjdksj

      Oha bütün türkler gitmiş

    93. Nugu Seo

      Nggak bs move on dr stage ini

    94. world domination


    95. SEUNGMO Babiee

      Still legendary

    96. anwar alqhtani

      I still cry every time I watch this, I can't....

    97. Mahnoor Kookie

      And trio (hannie minnie binnie) uffff

    98. Mahnoor Kookie

      Chan's vocal plus expressions

    99. Mahnoor Kookie

      Not me getting goose bumps every second