Among Us but Poor Impostor


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    1. Error

      Yo guys please following my instagram⭐ if you want to

      1. Aisha Alshiri

        @RDC gemes ولرمافاكغ نيوصلج ثدتحصج

      2. Ariel Castellon Arancibia

        @Emily Castillo rrr1rrrrrr2rrrrtrrrrrrrrrrrrgr

      3. Митя Fox


      4. Fortnite Coolboy

      5. شهد العتيبي


    2. Purwa Ningsih

      1:46 WTF

    3. Ash_plays _

      1:50 i think that happened to me

    4. HOPEless CD

      That happened to me once I came out of a vent but this guy saw so he clicked emergency but when he clicked it I killed him so people were like how did he die when he clicked emergency

    5. HOPEless CD

      Me: blue vented next to me everyone: why

    6. Youssef Mardy


    7. Coral Crisman

      Infinite told me that u know how

    8. Coral Crisman

      How do we play as mini crewmate

    9. Edson Joaquim



      Now we just need 1000 imposter vs 10,000 crewmates

    11. 필성희

      Plot twist: Black was cleaning the vents

    12. Nong Nhang


    13. matrak oyuncu


    14. SzaSzabi

      0:57 Egy magyar :D, "Bálint"

    15. Abhinav Mangalore

      First clip Lesson learned: Crewmates can also vent

    16. Habib Khan


    17. Fortnite Coolboy

    18. RedCatGaming

      1:47 it hapenned and me my team didnt know how i prees the Button and i dead

    19. Nam NguyenMai

      This video ends in 231 seconds!

    20. Hüseyin Orta


    21. Blue Ninja

      1:57 now that's an among us ritual right there

    22. fire ghost

      Guys Black was just cleaning vents it's a new task he is not a hacker ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)👌

    23. Can mblenk

      Aming as

    24. Szabolcs Fodor

      Lol i saw a bálint hungarian player :D

    25. Gabriel Gomes Da Cunha

      Anyone realised that he has the venting as a Crewmate mod

    26. Kabindra Shrestha

      Doing Goodreads Call me 🅱🌎🌏🌍Come down to Help

    27. Nancy Zarate


    28. Ррр Смелов

      Ha ha ha ha

    29. ygor vinicius moraes

      pode matar qualquer um

    30. Maria Vallejo

      I love the vinerol😂 it was so funny

    31. Maria Vallejo


    32. Robert Ortiz Robledo

      No ablo taka taka

    33. Christopher Silvar

      Guy go 1:46 that happened to me the hacker name is Jack

    34. Vedant Vijay


    35. Alîn28_ Røbløx

      He was hacker..

    36. يوسف محمد


    37. Tyhikss

      0:48 там был Руский чел по имени "да я ангел"

    38. Ádám Daroczi


    39. vica7606

      What's this too many hungary?

    40. Hoaianh Nguyenthi

      what I see black vend

    41. Destiny_plays UwU

      Hes a hacker

    42. 정경숙


    43. Daria Lozinska


    44. Antonia Soares

      Hack Black

    45. Mateus Rodrigues

      1:34 19999999999999999999999999999999999999999 qi

    46. Yash Dhungel

      1:52 whts the song name?

    47. Ash Otybi

      My name is Roblox my name solomBTS20171

    48. Ash Otybi

      Play game Roblox

    49. Ash Otybi

      Play game RobloxVery nice

    50. Divyansh Xgaming_cy

      It's a meme compilation

    51. Mohamad Ali




    53. Renee berr

      This is about black, When you said you saw him vent in nav, well yes he did but when he got voted off he wasn't imposter he is using mods to become a fake imposter

    54. Aidilcell Aidil

      All right. this is creepy. okay.

    55. Jaylah Nunez


    56. Isabella Garcia

      Y también es muy gracioso 🤣🤣

    57. Isabella Garcia

      El mejor video de la historia lo amo 😘

    58. Gabriel Parvan


    59. k n

      Да я ангел но крылья в ремонте да я десон но рога у бывших._.

    60. Anna Sachkova

      я одна заметила русского игрока?

    61. Angelica Vega

      How do we move in among us but in a laptop

    62. skyheard TM

      Bálint xd

    63. Mortius Prime

      Lol, the orange man was hungarian

    64. •ᴘᴀɴᴅᴀ•

      Я тут одна русская?)

    65. Kacbor

      Bruh, the first one happened to me Cyan vented but he wasn't the impostor

    66. raniel concepcion

      I shock in first black vented and says not the impostor

    67. jerlyn capuyan


    68. Sean McGuckin

      Ha imposter !

    69. Evan Collins

    70. Валентин WinUpdate

      сАс - cAc. where the rus word?

    71. Nin Fox

      What’s the Outro song?

    72. mark owens

      Hier, je pense que je

    73. Егор Маливанов


    74. 지성심

      한국인 이신가요?

    75. Springi UwU

      "Bálint" is a Hungarian name Xd wtf *iknowitcusifromhungary*

    76. Truc Ngyen


    77. NOOB _

      What song?

    78. MrFlamingGo

      Oh im in the video im black. How dare u vote me out

    79. •Miroko Love•

      Кто заметил что там был русский?

    80. saria akood


    81. Raphaella Cristina

      Quando vc for o imposto e alguém viu vc mata vc sabota o reator

    82. Ismail Cholak

      Is anyone going to talk about the black's name?

    83. Lava Gander

      1:55 Lmaoo 😂 Man you earned my sub

    84. Lraff120

      1:56 Lol

    85. Aarya Mhatre

      Wow that coffin dance when dead body was reported .........................haha lol

    86. Dudinha Nova

      I love you error

    87. Earl Rid

      2:10 thats me an orange lets just say I killed them untill we won

    88. Niklas Rauhala

      What I think its Black but no jesus🤯

    89. Sirat Sangha

      If black was not the imposter who was it and how he vented *******

    90. otavio Trindade

      Como se joga esse jogo

    91. Верoника Клубника

      Тоже самое, человек прыгнул в люк, но не был предателем