NO FLIGHT: SpaceX stands down from Starship SN9 test flight attempt due to winds


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    SpaceX is set to launch the Starship SN9 prototype to an altitude of approximately 12.5 kilometers. A launch attempt is possible between 12 pm and 6 pm Central time on Monday. However, as with testing, there is always a chance that teams could decide to stand down and try again on a different day.

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    2. Jerry Norman

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      I would love to take a peak into the future in about 300 years time and see what's happening with the space travel. Can you imagine peaking in at 250 years and there's alien spacecraft hovering everywhere and at 300 years humans are mixing with a alien species like the film alien nation 🥶🥶🥶 that would be absolutely mind blowing.

    4. Bruce Croy

      update this site same picture as a week ago

    5. Bruno Marcantonio

      which Monday ?

    6. John Chapman

      Well done guys, keep up the great work. These are truly exciting times , Jaysee from Hull, Yorkshire

      1. John Chapman

        @iPoGo Keys Isn't it and thanks to Elon for giving us (techies) something to look forward to . I've even 3d printed a Raptor engine !!!

      2. iPoGo Keys

        Also from hull, small world!

    7. Eugene T

      Launch: 8:22:00

    8. yuoop noke

      We need new big badaboom! =)

    9. J Edward

      There is no space.

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      может ,кто знает английский, подскажет, почему эта водокачка не полетела?

      1. yuoop noke

        Wen hop

    13. alik uporoti

      я так и не понял, у этой силосной башни, что солярка закончилась?

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      3. miko foin

        Is there a launch 🚀 today?

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      1. miko foin

        Is there a launch 🚀 today?

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      1. miko foin

        won't be able to choose the windy days when trying to land on Mars.

    17. Friday Ray

      cröw cröw puffs🚀🔧🐲

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    18. Tacio Da Silva

      Is Boca Chica one of the best place in USA to have a space port?

      1. abbsnn cose

        You didn't search this video,this video searched you

    19. Tim's Timbre

      They'll get there though, the impatience is actually heartwarming :-)

      1. gioyu comi

        I love the vid so funny aha

    20. Mhara GouBri

      Wonder why we can not find your live streams... two days that I’ve been trying to watch you... but it’s never life. What’s the link... ???? Thanks.

    21. The Geography Bible

      I'm gonna ignore the title and watch the full 8 hours.

      1. Lyri Metacurl

        Recorded history

    22. Bob Waters

      Stand back and stand-by

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      Spoiler take off

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      You didn't search this video,this video searched you

    28. al mcelroy

      won't be able to choose the windy days when trying to land on Mars.

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    29. Maurice Bruns

      Is there a launch 🚀 today?

    30. Paul G. Celentano

      "Hey, Mr. Space Man... won't you please take me along. I won't do anything wrong." I love that song!

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    32. 7 Mikal ميكال


    33. 7 Mikal ميكال

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    34. Ezekiel68w

      So whats up today?

    35. Clark Castleman

      Audio is good for me my question is if they do fly today what are the actual goals of this test flight

    36. Alan Day

      Wow SO MUCH superfluous talking...

    37. goulven perrin

      Note that this 8h long livestream of a scrubbed test flight is currently #34 trending in France. 🇫🇷 Amazing ! x)

    38. Ernest Galvan

      Sunrise was two hours ago (Tuesday 26 January 2021) and no live stream yet. Where are you, guys? 🥸

    39. Shaun Hutchinson

      How are we going to escape the planet in a rush if we are halted by such wind conditions? That is presuming that the ecological apocalypse doesn't come with perfect windless sunny conditions.

    40. Christopher Ruggles

      When are you starting live broadcast for Starship SN9 test flight this morning?

      1. NASASpaceflight

    41. tecknos africa

      Early age of a new era , I wish it had started decades ago , but by year 2100 , in 79 years precisely , toddlers of 2021 and babies born this year will be witnessing regular manned flights to space as we watch today's planes taking off and landing regularly

    42. Serge Vereecke

      The world needs more job opportunities in space.

    43. Siava AntarcticBird

      We need new big badaboom! =)

    44. LethalChicken

      Where in the video it take off?

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        Sorry, humor ist sold out today

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        How can you be this daft? Read the damn title.

      3. KungFuBlob

        Read the FUCKING title genius.

    45. Worldwide 1946

      You Look for a Timestamp arent you?

      1. No Name

        For what?😂

    46. Reasons_ Why_

      When's the next launch window?

      1. Reasons_ Why_

        @No Name thanks mate:)

      2. No Name

        8am-5pm - road closures (8am = 1.5h since now)

    47. Insert Name

      1.2 M views and only 60 comments?

      1. Max Klein

        The views are accumulated during the stream

      2. Ernest Galvan

        Live streams have a different style of “comments”. They are also a live stream. The comments you see here are comments made after the live stream is archived as a regular HUgets video.

      3. Jordy Steyaert

        Probably got swept up by some algorithm and showed up in a lot of peoples recommendations. Maybe the live-stream views are also taken into account, but the live comments are not shown here in the normal comment section.

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      The screen: moves once Premiere chat: POGGGGGGGGGGGGGgggggGGGGgggggGGGGGggggggggggggggg

    49. Zak Sullivan

      I still love how at the Start you can hear Tim yelling "Water towers can fly!!"

      1. Starhopper

        Yo that's awesome, I don't think I've noticed that before

      2. Richard Holmquist

        Yeah, and also a few seconds later someone saying “ We don’t need any more of these.”

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    51. agnestrelas - Passageira

      my passion!!! devastating the invisible

    52. neo

      Eight plus hours of video for a no-show????????????????

      1. Ernest Galvan

        If this is disappointing to you, you are in the wrong channel. Scrubs are common; accept it, or change hobbies. The rest of us are obsessed space fans. Fanatics of Falcons, Raptors, Merlins, Starships, Saturns, Apollo, Enterprise and so many etc’s etc’s. The hosts gave interesting (to us, the fans) comments, stories, observations. We are happy.

      2. Jordy Steyaert

        It was a live broadcast, it's normal...

    53. tecknos africa

      what are the odds they succeed this time? I wish they nail this flight, but I fear at the same time they fail

      1. Lachlan

        with the data they collected they have a very good chance as long as another hardware issue doesnt arise

      2. Angad Singh

        I'd say more than 90%

    54. BASED

      1mil views for a scrub. Nice

      1. Entity

        That's how spaceflight works, there isint just push the button and go. The weather conditions have to be right.

      2. Voievod

        Based, even

    55. James Mihalcik

      Nasa Spaceflight, outstanding coverage and thankyou for commentary. Million views, wow !!! Jim M.

    56. Pomifera Does it work?

      1 million views😳

    57. feyaia vanpri

      Would have been cool to see those Raptors light up and destroy that fog!

      1. some guy

        @B. Hill, Jr. raptors don't use tea teb

      2. B. Hill, Jr.

        imagine the green tea/teb ignition through the fog

    58. Andy Mandura

      Dang Gum I really wanna see dat big rocket fly

      1. John Driedger

        I really want to see it land

    59. Catherine Breitfeller

      Sounds right

    60. Y'mir Icefist

      No flight today

    61. Astro - Nutz

      Well done guys, keep up the great work. I always share your feed over on my FB group Astro-Nutz. Exciting times. Fingers crossed for a launch and land tomorrow (Y)

    62. Onefreeway75

      Whats your outro and intro song?

      1. Onefreeway75

        @ROBYN M tnx

      2. Starhopper

        @ROBYN M thanks

      3. ROBYN M

        It’s called One More Night Together by Gre.S

      4. Ann Tecklenburg

        Yeah! Hearing it makes my day!

      5. Kalimus D

        Yeah good question

    63. Pixel Bender

      Whoa the amount of views!!

      1. dazzaburger

        @Elsa we are hundreds of years away from anything like that.

      2. Dan Alexander

        Starship is the new greatest show on earth.

      3. Elsa

        Everybody excited to see the future being space fairing civilization

    64. RockinRobbins13

      A really great job of reporting!

    65. Kevin & Karina Kersten

      awesome work guys !! one question... how come the status bar on the left as well as the comment bar on the bottom is often very unclear/fuzzy, this while the video itself is in focus ? sometimes it is so bad that it is hard to read...... almost appears if the overlay is not 100%

      1. André Dollenberg

        Because it’s more noticeable on the small print. Try it! And if it doesn’t help then it must be something else. I do it all the time to reduce data consumption and when I want to see the small print I up the quality. I’m only trying to help

      2. Kevin & Karina Kersten

        @André Dollenberg how can it be that the video image is fine/crisp if it is what you are saying is right, should not the entire screen be off focus. everything is sharp from the text next to other video's to the comments people place below the video screen. the issue is only with the text in the red banner below the video and the status bar on the left, that shows the stage a launch is in... its just interesting why... it douse this on my tablet as well as desktop

      3. André Dollenberg

        That’s when the resolution (quality)of your ‘downstream’ is set too low. On an iPad for example you tap on the three dots on the top right and select the quality eg 480p or 720p for example. This obviously affects your data consumption too.

    66. Matthew Brown

      Oh well, so space is a massive disappointment after all. Isn't that a bit like life? 😈

      1. Sergeant. J

        @Dan Allan it's worth the wait for sure

      2. Dan Allan

        Perhaps it's not a massive disappointment overall but a string of disappointments leading to one big, satisfying... appointment

      3. Sergeant. J

        "space" tf u on about

    67. AJ

      You know I’m hoping the complete version of this won’t be so effected by weather.. I mean aren’t there like 100mph+ winds on Mars?

      1. Starhopper

        Guys we're talking about the full stack launching from earth

      2. ok

        but friend, this is obviously not the final product. These are early editions, they only launched it a few times. how much testing do you think a car needs before it works? only this is 1000 times more complicated. Obviously that IS the final goal. But its not really a realistic comparison to say that because the beta model cant do everything the final edition can. that should be obvious.

      3. Jörg W Mittag

        Wind speeds are high, but there is basically no atmosphere. So, the amount of "air" molecules that hit a given area in a 100mph storm on Mars is equivalent to a 1mph wind on Earth. (I hope I have all my cubes and squares and areas and volumes and pressures and forces right.) You might have read and/or watched Andy Weir's The Martian (made into a movie starring Matt Damon) where a dust storm at the very beginning kicks off the action. This is actually one of the few scientifically inaccurate bits that Andy Weir got wrong.

      4. Mark Mathu

        The bigger challenge on Mars is coming in for a landing instead of taking off, since the air is so thin. The air pressure on Mars' surface is less than 1% of what it is on Earth.

      5. Christopher

        Winds don't go above 60mph on Mars with its very thin atmosphere and starship will be reentering fast enough that it doesn't matter. In this test we will be going "very slow" so the wind plays a huge factor.



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    69. Gerald Bower

      Waits 8 hours, decides not to launch... than still uploads 8 hour video of nothing. Annoyed anyone?

      1. Keith Te

        It was a Live Stream !

      2. Ernest Galvan

        Annoyed?? Nope and nope. Watched it live, then downloaded to archive it on my growing library of Space History. I live near to Boca Chica Beach, I’ve been there many times, and it’s great to be a witness to History.

      3. Code

        Er after a live it instantly uploads

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        @NASASpaceflight aaaahahahhahahah

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      ну що поїхали?

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