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    THANK YOU to each of our fans for this 10 year journey!
    We can’t wait to show you all that we have coming up!
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    0:00 Introduction
    13:29 San Diego
    27:50 Beyond The Trick Shot
    41:35 Going All In
    55:00 Overtime
    59:53 Faith, Family, Friends
    1:16:00 The Final Stretch
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    1. Dude Perfect

      You guys are AMAZING. Can't tell you how encouraged we are by yall's comments 🙏 SO much good stuff on the way for you guys 🔥

      1. Dmoney

        @Sam Tunks P.

      2. bethany casey


      3. Pushkal Vashist

        DP is ✨AMAZING✨

      4. Jerry Cooke

        The world would be much different if we had more people like you five. Thank you for being role models to us and our kids.

      5. Yuto Kurata

        tysm for content

    2. Vinaayak Jain

      I have to say..this is the best Documentary I have ever seen..hands down to the DP guys.. Support from India.. Pound it. Noggin. See ya.

    3. LTC Doughty

      Imagine they didn't post that first video 😳

    4. Mark Pancho

      Am i the only one who watches their videos since their first video to now

    5. Matthias Lopez

      I woke up and I was watching this

    6. Janav Mehta

      01:03:44 the funniest part lol

    7. Ryan Nathen

      We love you dude perfect ❤️

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    9. Angel_B_Gaming

      Bro this made me cry love ur cids

    10. Jose Mercado

      I'm so proud of them

    11. Lisa Kusmin

      30:34 Coby “Strong last name equals Cory Cotton

    12. Jonny Tupman

      You guys rocked the house

    13. Jonny Tupman

      Absolutely unreal

    14. my name

      Why would you even dislike the video it’s great

    15. Nine Hundred And Ninety Nine

      The dislikes are the ones who couldn’t get tickets to the show

    16. X- Alert

      Christian all the way baby

    17. Calvin Sholtz

      Take the editors with you guys

    18. Nathan Park

      what a great documentary! wow

    19. Jabber Sharma

      I have math test tomorrow😰 And I was watching this, though of ending after 10 minutes but it was impossible to close the video.(yes I viewed it full 😅) Man what a journey they have been through 😌😇. Amazing, my favorite HUgets channel ever.

    20. Pinthusaan Vijinthan

      20:31 57:42 my fav scenes

    21. Dalila Diaz

      Wow esto es lo mas chido

    22. Jordan Leastman

      So great videos love and always will

    23. andrea roland

      On the video they are nice and funny but in real life they are nice funny and great dads and husbands and give back to the community

    24. jayesh agarwal

      Please come to India also

    25. Adith B Nair


    26. Creighton Jongeling

      Just a thing if you guys make one more of these this week doing a March madness bracket battle or something

    27. Brandon Hillgoth

      1:12:42 that’s unreal 🥺🥺🥺

    28. Brandon Hillgoth

      1:03:41 I can’t wait until I experience this in my life

    29. Brexton Caldwell

      I love the way you guys are in it for entertianment, you guys dont say to like and subscribe "and hit that bell"

    30. Sara JJ

      I love your video’s

    31. Brantley Harrington

      I could watch DUDE PERFECT ALL DAY!!!!!!!

    32. Heidi Marshall

      DP I love you

    33. Dwaine Schlembach

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      This was inspiring

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      This Documentary made me cry- This shows that they are The same on camera and off camera🥺🥺🥺

    37. LGN wharf

      45:11 - 45:18 does anyone know what song this is

      1. Mason Mcneill

        Of the giants - I feel it now

      2. Jake Lakers23

        No sorry

    38. Kingepicgamer Playz

      Wait is Jeff panda

    39. Lio Tse


    40. pogosticknick

      Not sure how I stumbled upon this tonight, but man did I need it! Inspiring.

    41. Apple pie

      These guys changed my whole life. I MEAN WHOLE LIFE

    42. Lewis Cory

      tys nan is so nice

    43. Lewis Cory

      tys dad really takes charge and i don't like it

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      Started watching them 2016 and I am still watching them in 2021

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      2:34 he sounds so different

    48. No Shift Lock Needed!

      Are you ever gonna quit?

    49. No Shift Lock Needed!

      1:39 7.8 billion

    50. Noah Duyster

      This whole documentary just tells me once again what these guys are: Legends, pure legends. I felt tears coming to my eyes. I wish I could be there enjoying their shows. Man, these guys will forever be a hit. I just have no words but tears and a gigantic smile on my face. Love you Dude Perfect!!🙏

    51. Haven Ivon

      Come to Ohio

    52. Katy Cordice

      you guys are amazing oi didnt know thats how the channel started wow

    53. Noman Bashir

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    55. Patrick14


    56. Nathaniel Miller

      I watch this when ever in sad

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      Much respect for these guys ! Those who dislike are fools in life.

    58. Devil

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    59. Eagle Gaming

      Please do tour in India, I promise you 10x the fans. Love from India

    60. ColterRoblox


    61. the funnies !

      U guys are awesome legends legends I tell you

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      U guys need to come to Australia

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    64. Fire 2nd Channel

      21:59 -_- bruh she had to ruin the entire show.

    65. Skoob

      That AMEN almost got me. Hearing that prayer really got me the chills.

    66. Ilko Allexandroff

      These guys are legends!

      1. CBAH Gaming

        First comment pog

    67. 류승진

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    68. Robinho

      Congratulations men. What you're doing is crazy and so beautiful

    69. Danny Aniston

      Everyone gangsta until Sophia is real

    70. Danny Aniston

      The part when Cory says "let's just do this" and I felt so proud of all of them

    71. Aarush Rayavarapu

      hey dudes! i just wanna say you guys are one big inspiration i have seen my entire life. i love all your videos. right ow i am watching some all sports golf battle with my family and they are having fun! huge thank you!!!!!!!

    72. thijli boy

      very nice

    73. Grantie

      If you watched till the end you will know who teacher Steve is

    74. Silent Handz

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      One of the best HUgets documentaries to watch in quarantine I was at San Diego on that day

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    83. Anirudh Arun


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      What is Coby doing here: 5:49

      1. Mason Mcneill

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    90. Carter

      I was at the live tour

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    93. Hockey Boy

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    96. Armaan Hyder

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      my dad went to high school with ty and garry

    99. TheAJaniPlayer

      Fresh off of my 7th rewatch of Hazbin Hotel and Helluva boss, they start praying...............................................................