We Snuck Into FaZe Rug's House On His Birthday & SURPRISED HIM WITH THIS...


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    Hi! I’m Brandon Awadis and I like to make dope vlogs, pranks, reactions, challenges and basketball videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and come be a part of the BrawadSquad!

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    1. Nelson Bensel

      Omfg he said a million dollars to guess where he is going I was like “gym” scene cuts and he is in the gym sooooooo I meannnnnnnnnnnnnn is that mill getting here today or tomorrow

    2. Jazara Handy

      Play basketball

    3. Jazara Handy

      Play basketball

    4. Frederick Clark

      At the gym

    5. AkaGalaxyTTV

      play basketball

    6. Emily Wegiel

      Happy birthday Brian

    7. kemiyah harper

      im just now watching this vidoe so you are a fan of basketball so i will say you are goin to the basketball gym

    8. Tafara Madanire

      Go and play basketball

    9. Bailey Nash

      Basking boll

    10. Brennan Miller

      Happy birthday faze rug

    11. Pat steven Honculada

      You look dead bro

    12. Aaden Mills

      Happy belated birthday lol 1 year lader

    13. La Guerra

      Lmao when Anthony says happy birthday after drinking 🤣

    14. Michelle Torres

      Happy birthday rug

    15. Alex Cody

      I guessed that could I have 1 thousand

    16. Baked Beans

      Happy birthday brain

    17. RoboSquirts420

      You 😡

    18. 24k_Earth

      Happy birthday Brian

    19. Dill Pikel

      Happy birthday Faze rug

    20. Matthew Bergman

      Go play basketball

    21. Shinobi Enzo

      its like zombie acopolopolocips

    22. Hunter Vickers

      happy birthday Brian


      i knew it you were going to the basketball 🏀 but happy birthday faze rug/Brian 🎊🎉🎁🎈🪅

    24. Maxibro

      Give me that 1milly

    25. Tadas Puisys

      Happy birthday rug

    26. Muteeb Ali

      Fail. Mugaisthn

    27. Megan Pass

      I think your playing basket ball maybe idk

    28. the brothers allen


    29. Kashun Wilson

      snuck into faze rug house

    30. Bsb Vshshs

      At the basketball place

    31. tesia jenkins

      The basketball jim

    32. Cuddles Worthie

      This how much people hate Brandon 👇

      1. sam ay〳


    33. Cuddles Worthie

      HAPPY Birthday bro

    34. Allen Singh

      I guessed right

    35. Allen Singh

      I did

    36. Sarah Hall

      Why does Noah look like a little kid

    37. Majestee Tamio

      Come on brawadis

    38. Emiliano Romero

      I fucking love the chiefs

    39. Emiliano Romero

      Go chiefs

    40. Maria Santos

      Or moma rugs house

    41. Maria Santos

      Brayan’s house or go to play basketball

    42. kenma kozume

      ''i like naked'' brandon please-

    43. AMY Chandler

      Go Kansas City CHIEFS

    44. Charlye James

      play basketball

    45. omar soud


    46. 999Flash Adams

      Faze rug’s house

    47. dog fan

      where my $1m

    48. dog fan

      your going to play some b ball

    49. TPS Vlogz

      And the Chargers lost

    50. Football Addict_63

      I knew it

    51. A K

      Where’s my million dollars

    52. CD_ Riding

      Yo my dog has the same bown as buker crazy

    53. IsaacOrriola 2009

      What happens to the suns

    54. noinoi gaming

      happy birthday brian aka faze rug

    55. Carlee Daniels


    56. FaZe Ninja

      R.U.G Ugly

    57. Yazen A

      i swear u are goning to play ball right

    58. Melissa Terry

      u are gona play basket ball

    59. bello ortam


    60. bello ortam


    61. Kelsey Artrip

      How y’all get helium balloons and then not even put the with the rest of the stuff u got him when y’all surprised him . 😭

    62. Izayiah r Ramirez

      I don’t know why you are mad you are going for bad teams

    63. TMC620 PS4

      Happy BD

    64. TMC620 PS4

      21:12 who heard someone whisper happy birthday

    65. kingvonslayer


    66. Diego’s Life

      Happy birthday 🎉🎂 you are my favorito HUgetsr faze rug

    67. Ayaa Faiz

      Happy birthday Brian A.K.A Faze Rug

    68. Liam Templer

      He's going to basketball

    69. Angel Goldsmith

      Go Chiefs

    70. SuperAedenTheHedgehog

      At 21:04 Brandon gets rejected by Brian lol

    71. Iliana Rodriguez



      At 10:34 he said Guess where I’m going I say the gym to play basketball 🏀

    73. Amroo Abosaleem

      I think the basketball court

    74. Kicky Gaming47

      Bruh who likes the chargers LETS GOO CHIEFS and Celtics are better than the suns

    75. JayGoCrazy -

      The material address microscopically bang because biplane anatomically hug except a jobless supermarket. tranquil, tired amusement

    76. Yume Starlight

      Happy birthday brian

    77. boots Whyte

      To bed

    78. Troy Prowell


    79. Quintel Wise

      They both lost L L L like Elle of the ace family 😭😂😂😂😂😂

    80. Zikra Hussain

      Dude dont pop i- shut up

    81. Chuck is ops

      Sub to chuck is ops

    82. Sandra Yasser Ahmed Fottouh

      Playing basketball ofc

    83. Yusuf Rahani

      at bsaket ball


      Happy birthday

    85. Nicoles Miller

      I got it right do I win the money

    86. Nicoles Miller

      Happy birthday Brian

    87. Brantley Carter

      Basket ball court I'm sidekick

    88. Jocelynn Alcala

      At a basket it Ball

    89. Jocelynn Alcala

      Happy birthday faze rug

    90. Mya Valencia

      i swear brandon is so bipolar

    91. Diana Vida

      Happy b-day Brien

    92. X Fish

      Yo vivo en México (i live in Mexico)

    93. Hashmit Singh

      my money how can i get it

    94. Hashmit Singh

      holly shit

    95. Hashmit Singh


    96. Sebastian

      He said rhino 😂😂