Funny And Lucky Moments - Hearthstone - Ep. 534


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    00:00 Lunacy
    video 1:
    audio 1.1: ES_Prince Brown Funk - Stefan Netsman
    audio 1.2: Varien - Valkyrie (feat. Laura Brehm)
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    01:16 Mine now
    video 2:
    audio 2: ES_Forget Your Name (Instrumental Version) - spring gang
    subs by nicolas jv
    02:25 Out of touch
    video 3:
    audio 3: Going The Distance! (Rock Version) Training Montage # 1
    03:20 such wow
    video 4.1:
    video 4.2:
    video 4.3:
    video 4.4:
    video 4.5:
    subs by drdrcr4zy
    audio 4: ES_Bop It - Jules Gaia
    05:41 How "Mining" looks like
    video 5:
    audio 5: ES_Triple Trigger - Mike Franklyn
    06:59 Dream blade
    video 6:
    audio 6: ES_Shake Down - Gavin Luke
    subs by nicolas jv
    09:39 Bonus clip
    10:20 Outro
    Outro Music:

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    1. Trolden

      *You guys are cool for watching hearthstone*

      1. bookipzee

        @Ata Dansuk yup, just made a decision to stop playing, after all these years...

      2. 907 Lion Dancer

        That Mind Control one. IM HOLLERING! XD

      3. jon rey

        Why does this feel like an insult? :S

      4. Colosal Dwarf

        Watching yes playing nope

      5. Ph3n0

        watching Trolden*

    2. WorkoutsByPika

      great video! check out my workout page while youre at it you lazy assholes

    3. Gumbiman

      How come when people win/lose in this footage, somtimes the screen doesn’t shake when the player icon explodes and sometimes it does?

    4. M Katmandu


    5. NoThankYou Le Mao

      Oh noooo it's in frog!!!

    6. Wowa

      что за выпуск, хоть сюда опять впихнули кащея, но эти перетягивания 8/8 и ЩТО?! в конце, простот ору в голос

    7. Alper Ertaşkın

      I started to play hearthstone in 2015. didn't now quel'delar could become this untill now.

    8. Alex Blakley

      That second clip is why everyone hates priests

    9. Bec querel

      jackiechans tangled headphone cable ruined the entire clip

    10. El Goblin


    11. ALBUME GAM3R 🎮

      0:58 song?

      1. Mathiassou9


    12. TurboKazah


    13. Josh Dionne

      *kills a 10 attack alex* Hunter’s Mark: LIVE, INSECT!!

    14. Dmitriy Firsov-Rogolev

      Это парень в конце???????

      1. TurboKazah

        Ну а что?(

    15. Daniel Stirling

      Im not even playing the game anymore but I still tune in to check the fresh Trolden. Keep up the good work guys!

    16. Papi Bakalov

      V three knees is soo hilarious :D:D:D

      1. Chris


    17. A_

      V3KNEES is so hilarious

      1. Chris


    18. Chris

      v3nese is so hilarious KEKLEO

    19. Dave M

      v3nese is so hilarious

      1. Chris


    20. Chris Biddle

      Garbage game

    21. 갸르릉갸르르르릉

      The last one lol How could that actually happen.

    22. Craig Alexander

      That’s why it’s called Deck of Lunacy, it will drive either you or your opponent insane, depending on RNG :)

    23. artimic80

      GTA VI???

    24. LucasCG

      2:49 - things like this made me quit HS..

    25. Stijn Hagman

      What program are they using to see which carts they have left?

      1. Stijn Hagman

        @TurboKazah thanks

      2. TurboKazah

        HS Decktracker

    26. Mimerium

      Riddle: What question can you never answer yes to?

    27. Johan de Weerd

      where is the ost from the bonus clip from?

    28. M Bra


    29. Ron Carter

      I had honestly forgot that duels is an existing game mode

    30. Dana Pointe

      No one:... French people: Rattlegööööre

    31. Midnight Shadow

      My boyfriend always blames me for being a priest main, and says the only thing a priest can do is stealing. Now I'm gonna do Solary's deck and show him what really stealing means.

    32. Gabrieles05

      In an Hearthstone adventure there was this:"You'll never forge the legendary sword Quel'Delar, or maybe for this adventure'' 7:06 ... Now i can understand why it's legendary

    33. Yar Rosh

      вижу этого черта носферату, сходу дизлайк

    34. DoM1NAtoR KRSK

      2:52 music name?

    35. Taras Goncharuk

      Now all players will try to get Qel'delar in duels)

    36. Insharai

      I love this channel lol. Not only do I get to see some sick rng, but I'm also reminded of every reason that I've quit this dog shit game lol. xD

    37. Firli Nugroho

      that last clip lol

    38. George Ivory

      New Battle Pass system is the funniest thing of it all.

    39. Developedism

      I don't even think this is funny anymore. Clown fiesta deluxe it has become. Only play BG now. Stupid game it has become

      1. Developedism

        @Trolden Truly wonderful, the mind of yours are

      2. Trolden

        Master Yoda?

    40. Edward Ness

      kinda feel for the Flesh giant...

    41. Сао Дзецби

      Thijs is noob

    42. Bomboozled

      The first clip is my favorite RNG-related content: players having to be creative with the randomly-generated tools they were given rather than have RNG mindlessly bail them out.

    43. Дмитрий Николаев

      сломанная игра эти дуели с такой имба пушкой

      1. Phobos goldman

        Эту пушку ещё надо собрать, а это, поверь, не так уж просто

    44. Aiman Rafizan

      Hey, I think you dropped something... ✨👑✨

    45. AndreySiziy

      Теперь только смотреть, играть в это невозможно

    46. Christian Andersen

      5:09 translation 100

      1. Trolden

        underrated comment


      Priest should be banned forever, along with Demon Hunter and Activision.

    48. Mr. Dirt

      Wow, the Quel'Delar effect ist just like Consecration, deals twice the damage but the animation is half as strong.

      1. Eflodor

        But with the hero power of the shaman it's much stronger 😂

    49. Mr. Dirt

      4:38 I was expecting 2 dark moon rabbits but thats also not bad. XD

    50. TroLL Master

      Last one killed me. xD

    51. Ryan M

      That last clip is great. Thanks for another great collection of clips, lol.

    52. K project

      쿠엘델라는 진짜 미쳤네..

    53. Solomon Gumball

      Saw the notification and was CERTAIN this was another wack Among Us comp, thank you for proving me wrong Trolden


      "This game is so mutch fun" Sad a priest player...

    55. Killateral

      Thijs clip would've been better if there was snippets of how bad his spells were all game to even get to 4 HP.

    56. Celedка


    57. Charles-Edouard Bartoletti

      ON S'EN BAT LES COUILLES = we don't care. :')

    58. EnotXXX

      Priest moment was disgusing, dont out stuff like this please

    59. Ksk Oo

      Почему Моисеев стримит хс?

    60. Robert Bosch

      I literally go away for a week because of school assignments and I see Platebreaker in Demon Hunter, wtf is going on?!?!

    61. Super Hyper Ultra

      That last one is a stupid interaction. The alex should no longer be part active minion on board since it is basically dead. The same way arcane missile skips minions already at zero health.

      1. demiandesu

        Yeah yeah and Acolyte of pain shouldn't draw 4 cards and armorsmith shouldn't give you armor if it has 0 health, yeah yeah and if hero attacks with lifesteal weapon and goes below zero he should die before lifesteal effect triggers yeah yeah

      2. Arif Ridwan Abriyanto

        Also, mortal coil draw a card because Alex is dead in the first place..

    62. Joel Chitunda


    63. firmak2

      did not know about the sword

    64. excellensea

      the mechanic where i minion can get to 0 health and than in moments be alive and have 1 health is a really dumb mechanic. like how can you set the health of a dead minion to 1, its already dead

    65. Erdnaxela Iflodir

      8:52 it's 22 not 32 ^^

      1. Eflodor

        @Erdnaxela Iflodir MDR

      2. Erdnaxela Iflodir

        @Eflodor ah mais je suis bête tu es le français de la vidéo :'), j'ai cru que tu étais un viewer non français, déso :')

      3. Erdnaxela Iflodir

        yes, I didn't count, I'm french it's for that :'D it's not an important error but it's good if there are no mistakes ^^

      4. Eflodor

        Indeed with my friend we had counted wrong on top of that!

    66. Огай Данил


    67. Cepi

      Name of the content clip music?

    68. 由井浩泉


    69. Karsh

      The dude at the end: 1. Casts Mortal Coil. 2. DRAWS A CARD BECAUSE THE MINION IS DEAD, *RIGHT?!* 3. With the cards drawn *because the minion is dead* ... he makes the minion _NOT DIE,_ thus creating a paradox in the universe and what should result in the game crashing because of how stupid that situation is.

      1. TurboKazah

        Man, I was so surprised...

      2. Дмитрий Нетсев

        Are you remember Gajetstan journalist+death coil?

      3. Thanatos

        The minion is dead, it shouldn't even be a valid target anymore, like how arcane missiles won't deal extra damage to a target with 0 hp.

      4. MurlocAggroB

        nerdON Minion death is a separate instance from minion destruction. Death is the minion going below 1 HP, while destruction is its removal from the board. Mortal Coil killed the minion, but it wasn't destroyed yet. Destruction always processes last after all effects, unless a card forces deaths to process before resolving (Earthquake, Defile). So, the minion died but its destruction was prevented by the health buff. nerdOFF

      5. demiandesu

        it's just standart ressurect hunter thing, never heard of this deck?

    70. Luqmas

      Turdy killed it right off the bat. I'm done.

    71. Bruno Brasileiro

      Back in the old day Trolden had a clip by the end ... what happened to the old fashioned ways?

    72. riesenpiesepampel

      haha how funny, the first clip happened on thijs stream just this morning!

    73. Formulka

      What is this? Thijs is not allowed to be lucky!

    74. Болотин Сергей

      I hate priest's

    75. G-Rated

      My french dudes coming out here with them bogus plays, or should I say "beaux gosses" plays!

    76. Jakbar_Vano

      Excuse me, what is the metal song in the "out of touch" section? Edit: Nvm, found it in description.

    77. Samuel Milani

      06:35 oh yes.. The legendary that gives the player a low frame rate! Love that one

    78. Didon didonovi4


    79. A

      0:22 Lol “Turdy” 😂

      1. Andrey Ilistyanov


    80. Timothy Bouchard

      Odémian le bro !! POG

    81. carl cederhorn

      God I hate blizzard for trying to ruin this game

    82. SirVitek

      Insane Quel'Delar montage

      1. Eflodor

        I think no less!

    83. Héctor Oyarzún

      3:57 missplay, he should attack with his hero last, for dramatic effect

    84. Deaths less successful little brother

      today I discovered something I hate more than priest, french priest

      1. Matt Keller

        Hahahaha nah dude that wasn't french priest. He didn't concede after his opponents second MC

      2. Ryota Minto


    85. леха лепеха


    86. Filzzzy _HS

      Вижу мат в 4 хода 😎

    87. Nana Tesukatori

      imagine having fun in hs with cheap decks

      1. holee fuuuk

        the battlepass made the game cheaper

    88. QZAR

      Я сегодня хорошо покакал, ставь лайк если тоже!

    89. Abay Pyrnazarov

      В конце такой Чтоооо?! 😂😂😂

      1. TurboKazah


    90. 벌레컷

      이거보고 자야징

    91. drpeppy

      4:17 tfw you’re about to write another 10000 word essay on r/hearthstone about how RNG is unhealthy for the game

    92. ISAAC Lalnunzira

      oh, is this the game that costs an arm and a leg to play ??

    93. Комар 292

      9:00 that is a reason, by the which i am adding acidic ooze to all duels decks.

      1. agabi

        I like harrison jones better (honestly, I like him because he is the only legendary I have)

      2. Eflodor

        I totally agree with you 😂

      3. zbengman

        agreed; i hate decks that rely on a weapon or a weird ass combo with the weapon and a minion

    94. Maicol

      7:39 a warrior played that card against me 5 minutes before i quit HS, I'm glad at least is not easy to get

      1. Maicol

        @Elliott Petersen sorry, i fixed it

      2. Elliott Petersen

        What card? The video is only 10:49 long; the time-stamp you gave doesn't exist

    95. Evgeniy Login

      #StopBlizzardGreed #StopBlizzardGreed

    96. bird3713

      Thijs clip was amazing

    97. Михаил Шевцов

      Что? =) =) =)

    98. Alex H.