The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff Pack: Official Reveal Trailer

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    A haunting new pack is crossing over to our realm: The Sims™ 4 Paranormal Stuff Pack* is available on January 26! Get the first details here:
    Spectral guests cause mischief and mayhem on Haunted House Lots, leaving behind accursed objects and scaring innocent Sims. With spooky activity on the rise, it’s up to you to put a stop to it. Luckily, Guidry the Ghost is happy to offer advice for sending these ghastly roommates packing. Perform séances, clean up the lot, and commune with the dead to clear them out. Once the lot is back to serenity, consider a career as a Paranormal Investigator to help other Sims!
    Learn more about this Stuff Pack:

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    1. Ana Ortiz

      queria que fosse mais assombroso, com uns fantasmas feios, desfigurados sabe.

    2. Amelia Ashworth

      Please can you allow the Sims 4 to be in iPhone for free, I can’t play as this isn’t possible

    3. Sarah Randall

      Well, it’s about time!! Welcome back Bonehilda!!

    4. Yonkerz


    5. Giorgia Cerini

      Still waiting for farm....horses....

    6. DustyBuilds

      Disappointing yet again

    7. James Ticknor

      How is there no Ouija board?

    8. Emmi

      No thank you...

    9. antheia lee

      just bring the better babies out

    10. thesimsgamer

      Ooohhhhmyyyygoshhhhh (or maybe I should say oh my ghost) 👀

    11. Kizana Sunobu

      add the sims 4 to phones for 1 euro without obb and make it look like the origina version with codes and accesories and gameplay packages please

    12. Chizuru Minamoto

      Well, in a silly twist of fate, EA has decided that 3 out of the 5 options in the paranormal theme strawpoll they did would make a pack, while the creativity ones just got knitting. That's kinda disgusting in a way... But whatever, I voted for paranormal stuff. I wont get my hopes too high, its a stuff pack, but it can be cool.

    13. Dollmaker

      Wonderful, another overpriced stuff pack. Like Spooky Stuff and Realm of Magic wasn't enough. Oh, so people don't hate it lets add a tiny bit of gameplay! All of the supernatural should be one pack. Even if you put it all together the content is so little it's not even worth 20 €. I've played games for 10 € that were thousands of times better than the sims. Sims 4 is so boring without mods it's not even playable.

    14. Iwona Marzena

      Beznadziejna i to dla dzieci???? A potem dzieci będą mieć lęki. Te oczywiście wrażliwe. Już nie mają co wymyśleć

    15. waifu suki


    16. S M

      Now every stage of life including ghosts have their own pack except babies

    17. misolou fout

      Haunted houses is definitely going to get annoying after about 20 minutes.

    18. Nagito Komaeda

      me: once 8 get money, I'll buy the techno plushi- my brain: bonehilda me: TECH- my brain: B O N E H I L D A

      1. misolou fout

        Make sims 4 free on origin

    19. Brittany Johnson

      I do think the timing of this pack is rather random, considering Halloween has come and gone. Also, a lot people were hoping for this to be a full on pack instead of stuff pack. The s4 has more than enough at this point. Also im concerned with how everything so far is being cut up into different packs. Supernatural for s4 has been split into vampires, spooky stuff, realm of magic, and now paranormal stuff pack when all of this was rolled into one expansion pack in sims 3 supernaturals. I dont necessarily dislike it, just feel like it could of been more than just stuff.

    20. Andrea

      Gratis dlc?

    21. Jane Doe

      Sims 4: "New lot type: Haunted House!" Also the Sims 4: "Choose lot type: Haunted" Seriously, what's going to be the difference between the two?

    22. Olivia Burge

      😐 so over these game packs that no one wants

    23. Totally Not a Duck

      Quick Reminder: It’s ok to bully EA and the Sims 4 but don’t go bulling there employees or the sims Gurus.

    24. Bianca Elizabeth

      So instead of make the game better, a new pack is coming out. There is so much room for improvement with the other packs and expansion. I am still annoyed I cant move the babies around the house, but I can move some random objects and put that in my inventory. Or the fact it's the same objects and they change one thing. I have been playing sims forever Sims 3 was AMAZING and Sims 4 is great too some of features you get that you didn't in Sims 3.I wish Sims 3 and 4 could had been combined. I just want to see a good Update and be able to find my friend house or invite whole family. I want too see Changes..

    25. elfdrow

      bonhilda with no coffin = not bonehilda also... where is the ghost hunter? some of us don't like the mystic, but the scientific approach to ghost... you lost me. not interested

    26. Rekiah Hinton

      2 seconds in and I already know this is wack

    27. link helper

      Make sims 4 free on origin

    28. link helper


    29. link helper

      Make sims 4 free on origin

    30. link helper

      Make sims 4 free on origin

    31. link helper

      Make sims 4 free on origin

    32. link helper

      Make sims 4 free on origin

    33. link helper

      Make sims 4 free on origin

    34. link helper

      Make sims 4 free on Origin

    35. link helper

      Make sims 4 free on origin

    36. link helper

      Make sims 4 free on origin

    37. link helper

      Make sims 4 free on origin

    38. link helper

      Make sims 4 free on origin

    39. link helper

      Make sims 4 free on origin

    40. link helper

      Make sims 4 free on origin

    41. link helper

      Make sims 4 free on origin

    42. link helper

      Make sims 4 free on origin

    43. link helper

      Make sims 4 free on origin

    44. link helper

      Make sims 4 free on origin

    45. link helper

      Make sims 4 free on origin

    46. link helper

      Make sims 4 free on origin

    47. link helper

      Make sims 4 free on origin

    48. link helper

      Make sims 4 free on origin

    49. link helper

      Make sims 4 free on origin

    50. link helper

      Make sims 4 free on origin

    51. link helper

      And make sims 4 free on origin

    52. link helper

      Its so boring on console i might quit

    53. noname22541

      *"I never ask for this."*

    54. Adrian TomtOシ

      1:12 Play with life... BUT THEY'RE DEAD

    55. Lily & Larinha Games

      ❤❤❤ omg

    56. Queen Nsuccess

      Yeah I'm not getting this trash

      1. Knight King

        It's not trash, just severely overpriced. Even the 50% sale isn't enough.

    57. iWasNeverGivenAName

      This game would be good if it wasn't broken af. Seriously this is the most broken game I've ever played. I bet it's good on PC but on PS4 complete trash. If Cyberpunk isn't allowed on the PSN store because it's too broken then this for sure shouldn.t be allowed up there.

    58. Annie Ayzel

      omg, when are you going to fix the damn base game??? seriously, as a console player who can't download mods your game turns incredible boring doesn't matter if I have expansion packs... At this point I feel extremely frustrated with the sims 4, I wish I could get my money back 😫

    59. Amanda Spisso

      They litteraly created a pack for ghosts, who are already in the game, but still no fairies......

    60. Pyrrhic Actions

      Shhh can we get a friggin country living pack 😕

    61. Kureijī Satsujinsha

      Will there be less colourful matches for the furnitures? They look too colourful to be creepy in my opinion.

    62. Bub Henderson

      I think you should make a sims 4 pack with legos

    63. trearoos

      Normally I don't get stuff packs... BUT I'M ALL UP FOR THIS! I love this theme! I'm so gonna get it when it comes out!

    64. Regdu Geht

      Can't spell steal without EA. How much for all the expansion packs?

    65. Violet Miyazaki

      Why are the ghosts cute little blobs ughh

    66. Sub Storm

      Was kind of excited for tarot and stuff but it just ended up being this that I will probably use once and never again

      1. Regdu Geht

        I'm very happy that I just made Dean, Sam, Castiel and Jack in the Sims... Gonna play Supernatural now xD

    67. Zira

      The majority of the comments in every sims video is about how disappointing ts4 is, why not start by making stop buying it and make other do the same? How many expansions, packs, etc. have been out and yet EA doesn't change a thing? clearly, they are getting what they want and we keep giving it to them. I don't think they give a damn about the hate and criticism they receive as long as sales keep flowing.

      1. Zira

        @Knight King I guess you are right. It would be great if we could convince them not to tho.

      2. Knight King

        @Zira I think the people who buys at least most DLC, is enough for EA. There is enough revenue for EA, to ignore all small buyers.

      3. Zira

        @Knight King I don't think all the simmers who are disappointed buy everything, but we seem to be more than those who are pleased with ts4 and yet it's been years since this problem started (that's why it makes me think that there might be people who complain and still buy it). My thoughts are just an assumption tho.

      4. Knight King

        You assume the disappointed Sims 4 buy everything. We don't, buy a few DLC you know it's disappointing. Gamers that buy all these overpriced DLC are Whales. More money then sense and that how EA likes it.

    68. BlackFirelight


    69. Kitsune

      pls improve the vampires because its make no sense to make someone a vampire the npc wont try to become stronger or use is points of vampire power/weakness at all. that mean you only make someone as vampire just to kill him in the sun!

    70. UlrikkeL94

      I’m just glad the pack doesn’t have anything to do with babies or toddlers.

    71. Bill Goat

      Excited to see how many of these things have been misrepresented or are missing from the game pack.

    72. Grappy Bandito

      Please, end this game already.

    73. Ron Yoo

      Since the star wars pack I don't understand anymore what's going on the developer's brain about this game aside from money.

    74. Sean MacGuire

      Can we have body hair back?

    75. Vinny Olson

      Guys! We already have zombies in the game so this is a great addon! Just look at the children!

    76. Manuel Dias


    77. ShimonBlunivers

      Where's the new WooHoo?

    78. xPhoebex

      Okay come through Johnny Depp painting😱😂

    79. Chon Ji

      Harry Potter session can start

    80. nijuo joing

      I'm very happy that I just made Dean, Sam, Castiel and Jack in the Sims... Gonna play Supernatural now xD

    81. Lizzy Kalacheva

      Lockwood and co.

      1. nijuo joing

        Okay but where is farming and where the heck are the werewolves

    82. Hilal Trisan

      Wow that so funny

    83. Sara cool 63

      You should make a weekend pack

    84. Thiti MGP

      Please make game that has Sims 2 system , Sims 3 open world and Sims 4 graphics.

    85. Бермет Айдиева

      It is really a shame that EA liking comments about bonehilda when i saw tweets that she won't function like in previous games. She doesn't even have a coffin. I'm disappointed

      1. Knight King

        She just spawns in like the call in service.

    86. Renita A

      EA: chop the ghost into tiny pieces, add some leftover from Realm of magic, same vibe from the spice market, voila! A fried rice for 9.99. Very innovative.

    87. freerichie25

      I'm totally gonna bone.. Bonehilda.

    88. Amber Bowlin

      They really missed an opportunity to have the play with life flicker into play with death... Just sayin

    89. D Angela

      Excited for Paralives

    90. Caroline Elizer

      Reduce, reuse recycle. Is there not already ghosts..?

    91. Amandi

      Paranormal stuff pack but still no zodiac signs. Ok EA 🙄

    92. Darkening Demise

      If it wasn't for Bonehilda this pack would've been Star Wars 2.0. Funny how ONE thing can make everyone lose their minds as if that makes everything great now.

      1. Knight King

        Not "everyone"... Just the "popular" ones.

    93. Annabelle Chicoine

      Honestly, please make a full pack. Like allowing us to make apartments AND businesses. On the same lot.

    94. Keisya Ayu aulia

      Is it worth it ?

      1. Knight King


    95. sesshydezzy


    96. Bob Tauco

      please make it happen, a zombie adventure expansion pack, I Really want it :((

    97. M M

      Okay but where is farming and where the heck are the werewolves