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    How far will you go before you reach your 'Braking Point'? F1 ® 2021, arriving July 16 on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. Go on an epic journey in 'Braking Point', our brand-new story mode, play co-operatively or competitively with a friend in the heavily requested two-player online Career, jump into the season's action with Real-Season Start using real-time driver and constructor standings, and much more yet to be revealed!

    This is F1 ® 2021. See all the features here: www.formula1game.com/2021/news/announcing-f1-2021

    Pre-order the Deluxe Edition and you’ll get seven classic F1 ® drivers for My Team, all to be unveiled very soon: www.formula1game.com/2021/buy
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    1. Kepyyy

      Out on my birthday, pog

    2. Azuos Cruz

      This is not a trailer, this is a teaser!

    3. Pratosh Alurkar

      Michael Schumacher.

    4. Aryan

      Pricing in India is like 2020: ₹1299 2021: ₹3499 Thanks EA for not letting people have good things.

    5. zenther


    6. Valerian Teritron

      What an idiotic trailer! Players what to see new game layout, new tracks, new car control (if there are any), ... Instead such a nonsense!

    7. TROCH22

      trailer with no racing... for a racing game..

    8. Quentin Vinot

      No great trailer

    9. Finn RTL

      How much earlier do you get it if you pre order?

    10. [] TODOMofundying []

      How far will you before you reach your 🅱️r(e)aking point?

    11. 이슈봇

      한글화 해주세요 ㅜㅜ 제발용~

    12. Felice Battello

      We all waiting for the second trailer please Codemasters 🙏🏻

    13. thedevil4k Remix

      Can I play with a GTX 950m? Please optimise the game, i can´t buy a new graphics card now, it´s very expensive T_T

    14. F270

      If the game is as good as the trailer, we are in for a treat boyyyyzzz

    15. Tense198_v2

      How far will you go Perez:not to far.

    16. Tim Huizing

      VR support???????

    17. Jason Burrell

      I hope we get accurate tracks this time

    18. Ernst Traag

      Still no VR? It's 2021 people... The official F1 game, the technologically most advanced sport, is the ONLY modern racing 'sim' which doesn't support VR.

    19. Iceman

      Why no Lukas Weber?

    20. aa b

      Practice sessions could be done the way that the more laps player does the better the car is prepared for race/qualification. Like if player rides for example 2 laps, than the game (mechanics) set the correct top speed and ideal shifting, than another few laps for springs, brakes, traction control. And that all accordign to each players' different riding style (like if the game detects sliding a wheel it would adjust accordingly, on the other hand for smooth players it wouldn't...).

    21. Ommar Win

      God Damn!! This looks good! Codemasters is on a roll here! Can't wait to play a fully Flashed out STORY MODE! 100/100 STARS

    22. ThiagoPratezi

      Looks good, but im not paying 400 bucks for it.

    23. captain shenanigans

      Ea: you wanna race in japan with rain? Consumer: yes. Ea: 20$

    24. ProStreet Mih0


    25. Lautaro Moreira

      So The Journey but in F1? Might be cool

    26. Ofspringing

      Waiting for how's the next gen version

    27. W A R M O E S

      i hope there is going to be better graphics then the 2020 version

    28. Alex Morevi

      Y el juego??? And the game??????

    29. Manas Patil

      Before we hype this game i think we all know *EA* is behind this So I hope you have deeep pocket and a large wallet cause money is gonna fly outta there

      1. Louis Williams

        While I agree that EA are the scum of the earth, they did take over presumably half way (or more) through development and so I reckon F1 2021 will be alright but, as you say, you will need a deep pocket for F1 2022😬

    30. Death Sausage

      Netflix F1 2021

    31. Joery Zeldenthuis

      Come an new trailer Of F1 2021

    32. Gabriel Petrisor

      For the career mode, local co-op( split screen) will also be implemented.

    33. Abz Man

      Imagine having your comment liked by the host of this video 👀😱

    34. Rodrigo Galeano

      Ya saldrá el F1 2021 y yo sigo acá con mi ps3 jugando al F1 2013 y 2014 😔🥰🤣

    35. Mr.Fartythecool

      The hype for the 15$ Ferrari engine pack is so much can't wait...

    36. Robert

      New box animations, start from pit, please, red flag please, i dont need story mode

    37. Alex Ronson

      Same i love f1 2020, imagine how good f1 2021 would be

    38. Domi :D

      Hungary F1 2020 : 15990 HUF F1 2021: 21990 HUF Welcome to EA, i love you🤡

      1. Aryan

        @Android gamer Reasonable price for UK or US not for other countries. Where prices have jumped almost 2 or 3 times just because they don't want to use Regional prices

      2. László Riczu

        Oh no

      3. Android gamer

        i have converted it and its 60€ so thats a reasonable price for a game lol

    39. Marcos Salomão

      Where's VR support??

    40. Freizeitpark Junkie

      To have the switch is my biggest mistake I d ever did 😭

    41. The Casual Gamer

      I like how they don’t show anything about the game but already selling it....like...wtf am I buying?


      EA Sports:In the game,now owning Codemasters,and they owning Slightymad Studios


      Ah well: _Formula 1 _WRC (in 2023) _FIFA (Football Soccer) _NBA Live (Basketball) _NFL Madden (American Football) _MLB The Show (Baseball) Really EA is getting serious with sports,now adding motorsports

      1. GERARDBERGER777

        Fun facts _Last EA Sports game about motorsports was NASCAR 09 _Last Formula 1 official game developed by EA Sports was F1 Challenge '99-'02

    44. Unknown

      Imagine to join mercedes team you need to pay to join them because EA is here now lol (I swear EA are going to take over games and it will be the EA virus)

    45. Gabriel Mello

      Good bye F1 Franchise !!!! 2020 my last title........ farewell !!! EA money monsters already selling at tripled 300% prices the 2021 game in some countries - big fat LUL - Get your wallets ready for your EA Favourite , Boxes and packs !! (with engineers, tyres, perks, traits,bonuses and cosmetics !! all for $5 a key woohoo )

    46. Alpine F1 Team

      F1® 2021 Game | New Tracks Imola 🇮🇹 Portimão 🇵🇹 Turkey 🇹🇷 Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦

    47. Dean

      No cross platform, no buy

    48. I U

      Pay 1.99$ to see rest of the details

    49. Michael Suhr

      What is the most important thing when you announce a new game and want to arouse the curiosity of buyers? there are game scenes that also show the graphics. and of course that's exactly what is missing again the customer should buy the pig in a poke again.

    50. Slay Cheroso

      wait that's... *EA?*

    51. Cbn Eazy

      Is it now from codemasters or ea??

    52. Mac Ouille

      Pour les développeur merci de corriger les bugs de la version française : se faire parler au féminin quand on est un homme, avoir le voyant rouge sur l’amf avec marqué usure pneu pour n’importes quelles raisons (usure moteur, usure de la boîte où toutes autres pièces), le fait que l’ingénieur ne parle uniquement que des pneus lorsqu’on lui demande l’état de la voiture (pas de précisions sur les freins, température de gomme, état de la carrosserie ou état des éléments moteur) et enfin merci de bannir les cheaters en mode chrono qui font des temps de référence 10sec ou 15sec en moins avec des accélérations (teleportations) dans les lignes droites. Suffit de voir le 1er au classement sur monza. Merci

    53. Electric gaming Mineo


    54. Van Francisco

      Can you guys make a GPX Cyberformula game?

    55. Alex

      Will license, Codemasters have, allow exit a car and walk on a track and pit lane?

    56. Lautaro Quiroga

      Glad you got EA funding :D Not buying this game or another one from now on

    57. Guill0t

      Sooo basically red bull simulator

    58. Squeecy

      Please restructure the multiplayer feature 🙏

    59. Mattia Binotto •

      Please add IstanbulPark 😊

    60. Say10

      Habra un DLC con circuitos como Turquia? O Mugello? Creo como carreras oficiales que han sido, deberian sacar todos los circuitos donde se ha corrido en 2020 y 2021

    61. Daniel Portilla

      Pay to win

    62. Owen_ MP4

      Huh, we don't even see some gameplay ? 🤣🤣🤣


      Ulan EA CODEMASTERS Kanada gp si yok Türkiye geldi onun yerine ama ne hikmetse oyunda Kanada var hani nerde o gerçekçi takvim nerde Türkiye GP’si için yapacağın şu 2011 oyunundan dosyaları alacaksın ( sadece pistle alakalı olanları ) bir iki asfalt detayı iyileştirecek pit stoktaki takım konumlarını değiştirecek o kadar daha yapacak birşey kalmıyor bide multiplayer için desek maksimum 3 hafta sürer ne bu üşengeçlik nedemek yarış sonradan eklendi ondan dolayı pisti koymayacağız oyun ucuz olsa laf etmem ama 420 TL çok içim acır niye gerçekte var ama oyunda yok ondan acır neyse inşallah diyelim bu fikirden avaz geçerler . !

      1. TAKLA PROSU

        Adam haklı

    64. DaMaR Handaru

      price when codemasters still publishing the game to steam: 17$ price when EA buyed codemasters: 50$

      1. Damian_szwarcgaming RBLX

        Nah, EA would set it to like 890$

      2. StrafesMC


    65. Rich Richard

      0:45 why douse he sound like Eddie Jordan,could it be🤔

    66. sykesie07

      Crofty fires me up

    67. Gerrard Hester

      And proper driver career modes with actual drivers

      1. Gerrard Hester

        Not just 1 single season

    68. Gerrard Hester

      It would be cool if u could edit driver line ups and driver stats

    69. Rusyan Van Den Berg

      Damn... This gave me the feels a bit. Extremely curious why this the anouncement trailer.

    70. Michael Schmit

      Where is the turkey circuit man, it will replace the canada Gp this year and its still not in the game. Pls put it then as a DLC paket or something

    71. Rich Richard

      Albons 2020 carrer

    72. BroustWarrier RexTrap

      EA, you mess up everywhere you come too. 92 TL worth of game was 419 TL. We cannot give this money in Turkey. Understand this now. Even FIFA is at this price. Make special pricing for Turkey. In Europe, someone who earns 2500 € in one mounth can give money to the 60 € to a game. But in Turkey our salary 290 € and we cannot pay 43 €. Understand that EA. Don't get into the game. Forza Horizon 4 is 12 € in Turkey. Or Codemasters sold F1 2020 for 92 TL in Turkey. These guys sell without loss. As long as the prices are this high, we will continue to play crack FIFA 19. Everyone will continue to play F1 2020. Codemasters I wish you hadn't sold the company to EA.

    73. Vatan Aytan

      Will be Turkey in F1 2021 ?

    74. Banan

      We gonna get Turkey?

    75. Biar

      I'am shaking 😮😮😮😮😮

    76. Augustoll


    77. nicholas Hernadnez

      Release gameplay already

      1. SuperMXLvr New • 10 years ago

        Dude it comes in fuckin july pbe patient

    78. Fermentex Bělosrstý

      Almost 2 weeks later and still getting goosebumps. Can't wait for the release!

    79. Raj Mallick

      I think the story is based on 'Mazepine's' life (spiny doggy wanka)

    80. ultra_mario

      Give us different voices for Jeff!!!

    81. bruno vuk2296

      Just tell me that there is cross play

    82. RANGO

      I preorder deluxe edition on steam, and still waiting to se gameplay!😞😞😞

      1. SuperMXLvr New • 10 years ago

        Trust me it will be good might be some micro transactions tho

      2. SuperMXLvr New • 10 years ago

        Its coming july to release so not anytime soon

    83. Johnathan Joestar

      This trailer gives me goosebumps every damn time

    84. Adrian Rodrigues

      That wordplay on Breaking and Braking Point !!!!

    85. Norbert Samek

      Anyone else have a slight feeling that devon butler is defending the character in this trailer?

    86. Dinho

      Imagine Wheel tô Wheel battle with one of your rivals in the same team as yours and you teammate spin and dnf he and you

    87. Yellow TCheetah

      Can you make the AI do mistake sometimes? random sbinalla or crashed into someone.. The current AI is like a programmed robo-race that driving on a train track.. too perfect.. they didn't spin

    88. Epic Gamer

      I think it will have microtransitions because EA

      1. SuperMXLvr New • 10 years ago

        @Lucas Duijmaer van Twist not as bad as ea wants them to be

      2. Lucas Duijmaer van Twist

        F1 2020 already has microtransactions

    89. Soyuz Velasco

      20 000 000 000 ingame currency to hire Lewis... or you could just pay 19.99 usd

    90. Mészáros Máté

      I hoped it will come out to Switch as well

      1. SuperMXLvr New • 10 years ago

        Its not i feel you id like to play this on the go instead of in my home but its too high power demanding

    91. Augustoll

      Sells before releasing even a gameplay, you know that if they see that it will be another Mod, sales can fail!

    92. Augustoll

      F1 2019/Mod 2020/Mod 2021

    93. Augustoll

      Vende antes de divulgar uma gameplay sequer , sabe que se virem que vai ser mais um Mod as vendas podem fracassar !

    94. Gonza 567pro

      it's just an ea game trailer

    95. Santino Moretti

      This its all??

    96. Schumi Gaming RBLX

      i hope they add realistic vehicle damage (fires, rear wings etc) and red flags

    97. Tommaso Baroffio

      I saw Zak Brown... I hope is gonna be a good one

      1. sehhi vooty


    98. FitzGerald Jr

      Game just tripled in launch price for my country, Thank You EA. I could buy F1 2020, F1 2019, F1 2018, f1 2017, F1 2016, F1 2015, F1 2014 & F1 2012, ALL (no sale) FOR LESS THAN F1 2021.

      1. sehhi vooty

        I hope codemasters will introduce the honda beat, leclerc o bit or the s🅱️innala button. If you know what i mean😂

    99. BigNobit

      Why so expensive? :")

    100. DaddelStein

      F1 players: can we please have regional pricing? EA: FOR WHAT?